The Ability Project

We envision a cost model with the following components:

Cost components include the following -

While the Ability Project may act a residential ‘clearinghouse’ for residential, the members and their families will secure their own residences throughout the neighboring community and the residences will be owned or leased by members/families. Members needing homes and homes needing roommates will likely be part of the ‘clearinghouse’ function.

A model cost summary for typical member is depicted below. These figures assume the following:

  1. Residence cost paid by family with no subsidy.
  2. Member receives 35 hours per week public funded vocational services.
  3. Member does not require overnight direct care.
  4. Direct care services – excluding vocational – are privately paid assuming 1 to 3 direct care (1 worker per three members) at $25 per hour (about $8.50 per hour per member).
  5. Hourly labor rate ($25 in this example) includes wages, benefits, training, supervision.