The Ability Project

The Ability Project was formally organized in September 2013 by the following individuals and families:

Matthew Hurson, Board Member and President

Richard Silver, Board Member and Treasurer

John Bogasky,  Board Member and Secretary

Ben Chevat, Board Member

Linda Gerson, Board Member

Sari Hornstein, Board Member

The current organization includes both a 501c3 entity (The Ability Project of Maryland, Inc.) as well as a taxable operating entity (Ability Project Feasibility Group LLC) which is a Limited Liability Company whose sole mission is to determine the feasibility of accomplishing the mission. The executed LLC agreement can be found here:

Ability Project Feasibility Group LLC Agmt Sep 22 2013

Upon reaching a determination of basic feasibility, the Board will prepare a detailed operating plan to be presented to currently registered families for consideration and comment. The Board will consider all appropriate comments, produce a final business plan, select a site and open membership enrollment.

In addition to the leadership identified above, approximately 75 families have registered interest in participating in the Ability Project with a few added each month simply by word-of-mouth.  In the event the number of registered families that accept membership is not sufficient to fill the membership required to launch the program, a larger promotional effort will be undertaken.